Katrina Sloan Semester Program

As part of the Sloan Semester Program Drexel will be offering some online courses from Oct 10, 2005 - Jan 6, 2006. Here is the current list of courses:

  1. Organic Chemistry I CHEM 241
  2. Organic Chemsitry II CHEM 242
  3. Organic Chemistry III CHEM 243
  4. Mass Spectrometry CHEM 755
  5. English Composition ENG 101

Other Philadelphia Area courses part of the Sloan Semester:

Bryn Mawr Quantum Chemistry Podcast Feed

Courses for auditing without credit

This is a list of regular university lecture podcasts and screencasts that are open to the public. Special guest lecturers or courses that are not publicly accessible are not included. Only true podcasts that have enclosure tags in an RSS feed so that they can be dowloaded using podcatcher software like ipodder are included. Just posting an audio file on a website does not count as a true podcast.

Open University Lecture Podcasts

  1. Drexel Organic Chemistry II Podcast Feed (Feb 2005)
  2. Drexel Organic Chemistry I Podcast Feed (March 2005)
  3. Drexel Organic Chemistry III Podcast Feed (March 2005)
  4. Drexel Experimental Design and Statistics in Chemistry Podcast Feed (March 2005)
  5. Drexel Mass Spectrometry Podcast Feed (March 2005)
  6. Berkeley Introduction to Computers Podcast Feed (Sept 2005)
  7. Bryn Mawr Quantum Chemistry Podcast Feed (Sept 2005)
  8. Purdue BoilerCast of many Lectures (Sept 2005)
  9. In the Fall of 2005 many teachers began podcasting - see iTunes educational section for a list.

Open University Chemistry Lecture Screencasts

  1. Drexel Organic Chemistry I
  2. Drexel Organic Chemistry III
  3. Bryn Mawr Quantum Chemistry
  4. University of Washinton, Woodman Organic Chemistry
  5. Claremont Organic Chemistry Pre-Lecture Tutorials
  6. Jackson Community College General Chemistry
  7. Berkeley Chemistry classes